Renting an apartment in the United Kingdom: knowing your rights and obligations

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A topic that I am sure will be of great interest to you, namely rentals in the United Kingdom. Read more

Which Music Band T-Shirt Would You Buy?

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Which Music Band T-Shirt Would You Buy? Read more

Billion Dollar Films

21/04/2017 Main

Hey everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. Me and my family all went and saw the Disney live action Beauty and the Beast last month. We can proudly say we helped it reach the $1 billion dollar club, which was announced this weekend. It takes a lot of of tickets for a movie to reach that coveted spot, so understandably there are not too many that have made it. Check out this list of movies that have made it into the billion dollar club. Read more

How to draw animals

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Hello everyone. I hope you are well. I would like to welcome you back to my arts and entertainment blog. Sometimes people ask me how to draw or sketch animals properly. So that's why I thought I will give a brief overview and some basic advise to get started. But first off, this is not about a specific animal or species. Furthermore it is about the basics, how to approach this task in general. Read more

Weeks new tracks

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This weeks new tracks.

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I’m pretty great actually, despite all the curveballs that 2016 threw my way! Read more

Last Chance U

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Last Chance U Read more

Marketing Tips For Rock Bands

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Marketing Tips For Rock Bands

Rock bands in the digital age don’t have it as simple as many think. Just because it’s easier to move forward with promotional consideration, doesn’t mean it’s effective. The competition today is a lot more complex than ever, which means that you’re going to have to work with a variety of different things. If you’re in a band and you’re trying to figure out how to get more people to listen to your music, and go to shows, the following tips and tricks are going to help you out. These are simple to move forward with, and can pay off dividends down the line. Read more

Different types of Paints.

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog.  It’s been a fair while since I last posted here, over 2 months! How have we all been?  Me, i’ve been fairly busy working away and don’t seem to have had much time to myself.  Though I’m starting to feel like it’s the same every year.   Read more


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    Hey there cool people, hope you are doing well. I’m back at you again with another hard hitting entertainment post. Today I am talking about one of my favourite cartoons, Futurama. Futurama features some of the wittiest writing in a television show with a secondary character who lives in a dumpster, and most of the writers actually hold advanced mathematical degrees. One episode even stood as the evidence for a new scientific theory, although it was one that can only be relevant in the world of science fiction. Featuring an always memorable lineup of characters, Futurama has some of the best one liners in cartoon history and will be on my recently played list for a very long time, Read more

Tracey Emin & Embroidery

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Tracey Emin & Embroidery

Hi everyone and welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. Something not many of you guys will know is that I have a 4 year degree in Fine Art which is one of the reasons I started an Arts and Entertainment blog.  Now, don’t go down the path of dissing my degree, as I’ve heard it all before, and believe me I mean it all.  And yes I am currently tens of thousands of pounds in debt but what can you do! Read more

TV series

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TV series Read more

Outdoor Cinema: A New Era

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Outdoor Cinema: A New Era 

Hi guys! Read more


Dance all night long

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Dance all night long Read more


Music Licensing

15/05/2016 Main

Hey folks! I thought I’d talk a little about music licensing today. Music licensing is simply granting permission for your your copyrighted music to used by others under certain conditions that you stipulate. Licensing provides a musician a means of creating income from their music without also having to hand over the copyright of the original work. Each particular piece of music can be licensed to multiple clients and those licenses can be renewed on request, ensuring a continual revenue stream for the artist rather than a one-off payment for a piece of work. Read more


Manchester Music and Forming a Band

01/05/2016 Main

Manchester is better known these days for its two football or soccer giants, Manchester United and Manchester City. Talk to anybody in Manchester and you will soon learn that it is a very football focused city. But Manchester has more to it than just the “beautiful game”. Read more


Noah and the Whale

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Hi folks! Welcome back to the blog. So I thought I would introduce you to a band I have recently come across. I very rarely listen to the charts as I find pop music extremely cheesy, repetitive and pretty uninspiring but what I love to do is use you tube and Spotify and will always click on a random musician that pops up. So I was listening to a playlist that I had chosen featuring a random selection of Folk and Indie artists and a band called Noah and the Whale popped up. I really liked the sound they were creating so I then went on to play more of their songs. I realised I had heard some of them before but didn’t know who the songs were by. Well I thought that they were that good that they deserved a blog entry dedicated to them! Read more

Top 5 DJs

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A World Without the Fifth Beatle

10/03/2016 Main

It’s a sad week in that George Martin, producer of most of the material recorded by the Beatle’s, died yesterday at 90 years of age.   Often referred to as the “5th Beatle, Martin signed the band onto their first record contract in 1962 and went on to produce most of their hits over the following 8 years.    Read more

A revelation : Kygo

04/03/2016 Main

It's simple, Kygo is my favourite artist of this year ! More than a Dj, he's also a real musician and pianist and we feel that in his music ! Read more

Music Festivals - Remembering the Essentials

06/12/2015 Main

Music Festivals - Remembering the Essentials Read more

George Ezra is actually pretty talented!

01/12/2015 Main

George Ezra is actually pretty talented! Read more

My Other Love... Bikes

23/11/2015 Main

Thought it was about time I talked about something a little different, and as it's my blog, I think I can do that! :D Read more


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Good afternoon all. Bit of a chilly Wednesday afternoon here. I’m listening to one of my favourite bands of all time and felt the time was right for another blog entry. The band is Queen. I’m sure you’ve heard of them ;) Read more


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What music does everyone like? I am so glad I was brought up listening to a whole range of different styles. I feel like listening to Elvis one day and Black Sabbath the next, from Daft Punk to Debussy. I am of the opinion that you should at least try and appreciate different styles. You never know what you might end up liking. Of course it is ok to not like certain styles, but to dismiss them and saying something derogatory without properly listening, is very ignorant and it really grinds my gears! Read more

Dance Music Fesitvals

22/04/2015 Main

Hey guys… As a big fan of dance music and dance music festivals I wanted to write an entry about the many amazing events we have on this year! I am hoping to go to as many as possible and I am hoping to see you all there too ;) Read more

I Love Daft Punk!

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Evening everyone. Today I’m gonna share with you just how much I admire Daft Punk… So if you don’t then stop reading now! The secretive French duo have been around for nearly 20 years now (yes I feel old as well) and continue to dominate the music industry (not just the dance scene anymore!). Their real names are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, in case you didn’t know… Read more

Meteoric Rise of Oliver Heldens

22/04/2015 Main

Who is Oliver Heldens? Well he is a 20-year-old Dutch dance music superstar. And it’s all happened in the blink of an eye. Read more

Worlds Biggest DJs

22/04/2015 Main

The momentum dance music has, and the rate at which it grows, is something that fascinates me and amazes me. Usually music goes in and out of fashion, and we do a see that with some genres, but dance music just never goes away. We have been dancing in clubs since the late 70s and we show no signs of slowing down. Dance music is regularly in the Top 10’s around the world and I for one love it! Read more


About Me

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Heyyy fellow dance music lovers! Jeremy here! I wanted to start a blog about all things dance music Read more